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Structural Inspection

Our certified NDT licensed technicians and engineers are backed by the resources of a comprehensive testing laboratory. We deliver detailed reports and recommendations pertaining to the inspection of your facility or product.


We inspect a variety of facilities including structural steel, new buildings and additions, existing structures, seismic upgrades and bridges. Additional inspection experience includes product design and post weather damage.

Structural Inspection Methods

Our trained staff including professional engineers, AWS certified welding inspectors and certified NDT technicians perform the following tasks:
Non-Destructive Inspection (NDT)
Liquid Dye Penetrant
Magnetic Particle
AWS Code and Weld Compliance
Certified Weld Inspection (CWI)
Ground Penetrating Radar
Bolt Inspection
Mechanical Testing Laboratory
Tensile and Yield Strength
AISC Code Compliance
Hardness (On-site)
Structural Load Calculations
Staff Qualifications
Certified NDT Inspectors
Registered Engineers
Structural Engineers
Certified Welding Inspectors

Examples of Structual Inspection